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  • Flame King (dad)
  • Flame Queen (mom)
  • Unknown Brother
  • Finn (Boyfriend) 
Actor Jessica DiCicco

Flame Princess is Finn's girlfriend. She has the Power of Fire like her race. She is the daughter of Flame King and Flame Queen and Princess of the Fire Kingdom.


When She was an infant a member of her race let her free under Flame King's orders and she crawled away until Kamek and a bunch of Buzz Bombers got her and a Toad trooper stopped them and gave the Princess of Flames to her dad and it got her locked up.

Later Finn freed her. she was with Finn and her family in the 2nd issue when her father in law was ripped by Baslisx who attacked Finn. she later appeared with Finn and first allied him with Mecha Sonic.