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Mario one of the Protagonists

These are the Characters from the series of SUper Mario DX


The Protagonists of the comic

  • Mario - the worlds best and Favorite plumber is ready to stop evil.
  • Kai - The Red Ninja in Ninjago is ready to stop evil from conquering a planet.
  • Luigi - The bro of Mario is ready to stop the evil ones from ruling the planets of Mushroom World and Ninjago.
  • Yoshi - The Dino Buddy of Mario and Luigi. he uses a tounge to eat enemies.
  • Finn - the lovable hero who is ready to stop the evil ones too.


Also known as the evil ones. they want to rule the world

  • Lord Garmadon - the ruthless bad guy of Ninjago and the arch-enemey of Kai. he is the Head of the Doom Clan.
  • Bowser - he is the King of the Koopa empire and the arch-enemey of Mario and Luigi. he helps lord Garmadon conquer the world.
  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser's favorite child and heir of the Koopa empire. he is the Nerd of the evil ones and he plans to help his dad and ally.
  • Lloyd Garmadon - the son of Lord Garmadon and another helper of the evil ones to conquer the world. he made a mistake of releasing the snake people.
  • Kamek - Bowser's evil wizard and former Babysitter. he is a Magickoopa and the second brains of the evil ones.
  • Baslisx - the head of the evil troops. he is a black koopatrol mutated by Dr. Eggman. He has claws and the powers of Medusa. He ruined Finn's dream with Flame Princess by faking he was Finn's dad.
  • Slithraa and Dogpound - the two henchmen of Lord Garmadon. Slithraa is a blue mutant snake and Dogpound is a muscular German Sheperd.
  • Mecha SOnic - the main antagonist of the Super Mario bros Z returns to attack the heroes. he wants the star bits to take the world for himself.
  • The Koopalings: Bowser's other children and siblings of Bowser jr. they are Roy, Lemmy, Morton Koopa Jr., Iggy, Wendy and Larry.
  • The Skullkin: the skeleton deciples of Lord garmadon and members of his Doom Clan. they are Samukai, Kruncha, Nuckal, Wyplash, Frakjaw, Chopov and Bonezai.
  • the Evil troopers: these antagonists include Koopatrols, Hammer bros, Boomerang Bros, Doom Clan robots, Skullkin troopers and the R.O.B squad.


The major allies of the heroes and cameos

  • Jake (part of Finn's audiance)
  • BMO (Finn's audiance)
  • Cinamon Bun 
  • LSP
  • Flame Princess (Dream and Finn's Audiance)
  • Flame King (Dream)
  • Queen Azerin (Dream)
  • Joshua the Dog (Dream, really Baslisx)
  • Sensei Wu and other Ninja (Flashback)